Safe. Reliable. Sustainable.

Our packaging protects its contents for storage and transport or presents them for sale. We provide solutions for all the very different requirements in terms of material, size and shape that are light, stable and fully recyclable.

We have customised almost all of our packaging for our customers. Many of them go well beyond the standard shapes and sizes from the FEFCO range. Put your trust in our development team and contact us directly!

Functional packaging

We work with you to develop customised solutions that protect your product securely and are perfectly tailored to your goods. Perfect handling and a focus on the packaging application – transport, POS, presentation – are particularly important to us. Good packaging makes it easier for you to handle the product thanks to the right interior design, reduces manual labour and makes it more effective. Together with our storage concepts, this creates the perfect solution for you – and your product.

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Any type of printing can be realised on our state-of-the-art printing machines, including finishes such as UV or effect varnish, special die-cutting and inline bonding. We take your design specifications and develop an effective design concept for you – or take your designs and adapt them for packaging production at our company.

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Punched packaging

Packaging die-cut from a single sheet is often required for the POS: With perforations, flaps and optimised layouts, we enable your products to be handled easily and safely by the recipient – without compromising the protection of your goods or transport safety.

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Customised development

The right packaging for the product depends on the nature of the goods and their requirements, the target group and a closed concept for the entire production and logistics chain through to delivery. Our experts develop exactly what you need, taking efficiency, versatility and cost optimisation into account – from the optimised use of materials to the logistics concept.

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Folding boxes

Minimised storage volume – effective and tried and tested. Keeping the packaging storage volume as low as possible without sacrificing flexibility_ Folding cartons achieve this. With minimum set-up times for erecting the packaging, they are the all-rounder of our packaging solutions. It makes sense to seek advice from our experienced specialists, who can create a packaging concept specially tailored to your needs and requirements.

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