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Why biological/ecological?

As a company we have developed as a state-of-the-art producer of cardboard boxes, who produces your boxes –whether you require lidded boxes, slide-type boxes, self-erecting boxes or folder-type sleeves – in aparticularly environmental friendly, food compatible, stable manner and of course stackable as well as moisture-proof – all certified with the eco seal.

As specialists in the field of FULL-PAPER PACKAGING FOR FOOD
we offer you BIO cardboard packaging. Away from plastic waste.

We focus on ecology and sustainability, because our environment is important to us! For us, this means the ecological production of environmentally friendly packaging made of solid board.

  • Environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly materials
  • New packaging solutions with attractive secondary benefits for the home save additional resources
  • Raw material paper 100% recyclable
  • Raw material from > 99% recycled waste paper
  • with low-migration colors
  • low in harmful substances
  • suitable for all food areas – depending on equipment
  • with 30% less CO2 emissions through own power generation, own combined heat and power plant and heat pump
  • 30% of our electricity requirements are already covered by our photovoltaic systems (approx. 450,000 kWh)
  • resource-conserving through renewable resources
  • Punching remnants are 100% recycled and recycled by us

This results in environmentally friendly industrial packaging that is durable, fresh and colourful and supports the sale of your goods. They offer cartons made of FSC certified solid board DESIGN and highest functionality in one product!