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Adhesive strip
Rubberised strips, coated with hot melt or self-adhesive and/or plastic films with high tensile strength, usually with reinforced inserts for gluing longitudinal edges and box flaps.


Advertising medium
Medium serving both application and presentation of the product.

Auto lock bottom box
Packaging with automatic lock bottom system, which automatically closes when the package walls are set up. The automatically closed base offers the advantage of rapid assembly. The auto lock bottom box is very sturdy, thus well suited for heavy content.

Automated folding boxes
Folding boxes, which are specifically made for automated packaging. They come pre-glued unlike machines blanks.
These boxes are particularly suitable for high-volume production.


The Box-Compression-Test calculates the static load of the packaging using a precision drop tester.

Solid board that is used in a special format for a variety of packaging methods: Solid board and wrap-around.

Blank specimen
Specimen of packaging, created for the customer when the order is places. It is used in the development phase for inspection. However, the print of the graphic elements is missing.

Collapsible, telescope and auto lock bottom boxes or CD covers made of cardboard will be mechanically glued at certain points and edges in order to improve stability and functionality.

Products and services are brought together into a package and offered at a price that is below that which you would have to pay if you were to buy the components separately.

Burst resistance
Technical value when testing packaging – value specifies pressure when packaging material bursts.


Computer Assisted/Aided Design. Computer aided three-dimensional design, drawing and planning of packaging.

Material, which is mainly made of recycled fibres. Depending on the extent of area dimensions (between 130 g / m² and 500 g / m²) is associated with either paper or board. Cardboard is produced in endless strips. The substances used in its production are higher quality than cardboard and it is stiffer than paper.

Centre for Co-Organisation with headquarter in Cologne which carries out standardisation for commerce (i.e. height of pallet, EAN-Code).

Reusable pallets that are made of either plastic or wood. They are available in the following modular dimensions: ¼, ½ oder 1/1 Euro (= 80×120 cm). Corresponding insertion slots in the ¼-plastic pallet are particularly suitable for display shells, which are held in place by tabs.

Recycling box which features a white painted cover for multicolour offset print.

Primary colours of colour subtraction that is based on colour printing. The primary colours are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

Color Management
In order to maintain consistent colour accuracy throughout the entire production process requires precise machine settings. Colour management takes care of this process.

Color spectrum
Makes three-dimensional visualisation possible.

Crossed cardboard and paperboard parts. They are used to separate the articles in packaging.

Merging elements of text and image.

Consignment warehouse
The consignment warehouse is a warehouse of a supplier or service provider, which is located within the customer premises (buyer). Goods remain the property of the supplier until the customer removes them from the warehouse. Only after picking in the warehouse, the actual delivery takes place and can be invoiced.

Corporate Design / CD
Graphic image of the company, the example is expressed by logo, slogan.

Corporate Identity / CI
Expression of the corporate philosophy; unified graphical and textual appearance internally and externally.

Corrugated medium
Corrugated medium for the manufacture of corrugated board with good rigidity properties, primarily manufactured from waste corrugated board and additives for increasing the rigidity properties.

Corrugated boxes
The corrugated carton is the most common and affordable packaging due to the rational manufacturing method, such as Fefco 0200-0208.

Corrugated cardboard
Corrugated cardboard is particularly well suited for packaging offering high impact protection and must hold heavy content. DIN 55468 T1 corrugated cardboard is defined as follows: „Corrugated board is a packing material of one or more layers of corrugated paper which is glued between several layers of paper or board.

Counter display
Counter displays are effective small advertising areas at the „Point-of-Sale (PoS)“ or in the checkout area. They are generally supplied in the form of a finished folding carton. The lid serves as a back-plate of the display and can be folded up or inserted. Goods, flyers or small brochures are offered in counter displays or on shelves for the consumers to take away.

Co-packers, who assembles, commissions and packs the goods for the customer.

Computer-to-Plate is the digital transfer process of print data from computer to print plate.

Customer value
Customer value

Cutting out a very narrow strip of cardboard, for example, between the flaps of cardboard.


Desktop Publishing
Designing images and text on the computer screen.

Die-cutting is the cutting out of a particular shape from a material. A hammer punch or a press punches out the desired shape.

Digital printing
Printing system that requires neither film nor printing plate but receives the data directly via a computer interface. These include laser printing and inkjet printing.

When stating box dimensions we usually provide the usable inner dimensions in the sequence of Length x Width x Height.


DIN A(Paper) DIN B(Envelope) DIN C(Envelope)
Abbre-viation Dimension(mm) Abbre-viation Dimension(mm) Abbre-viation Dimension(mm)
A0 „Oversize“ 882 x 1247
A0 841 x 1189 B0 1000 x 1414 C0 917 x 1297
A1 594 x 841 B1 707 x 1000 C1 648 x 917
A2 420 x 594 B2 500 x 707 C2 458 x 648
A3 297 x 420 B3 353 x 500 C3 324 x 458
A4 210 x 297 B4 250 x 353 C4 229 x 324
A5 148 x 210 B5 176 x 250 C5 162 x 229
A6 105 x 148 B6 125 x 176 C6 114 x 162
A7 74 x 105 B7 88 x 125 C7 81 x 114
A8 52 x 74 B8 62 x 88 C8 57 x 81
A9 37 x 52 B9 44 x 62 C9 40 x 57
A10 26 x 37 B10 31 x 44 C10 28 x 40
A11 18 x 26 B11 22 x 31
A12 13 x 18 B12 15 x 22
A13 9 x 13 B13 11 x 15


Digital image processing.

Describes the fibre run of the paper. Generated in production by the orientation of the fibre in longitudinal direction of the machine run. Depending on how a sheet is cut from the tambour, the direction is „narrow panel“ or „wide panel“.

Disposable packaging
Packaging intended for a single transport. Partial transport routes and temporary storage of short duration are possible.

Disposable pallet
Pallets of light construction, intended for a single transport.

Please refer to double wall cardboard.

Double fluted/walled board
Two layers of corrugated cardboard, which are bonded together by an interlayer. Outer surfaces are also bonded to paper or cardboard. The double corrugated cardboard is much stronger than a single corrugated profile with the same profile thickness.

Drop Dart Resistance
Technical value in packaging testing – indicates to what pressure the packaging protects the product without destroying the packaging material.

Dummy packaging
Oversized packaging.

Duplex board
Cardboard produced by pressing damp panels of fleece with different fibre composition.


Machine readable bar code for the pan-European identification of items and their assignment to groups of items, category or product area. The first two digits of the 13 digit code identify the country of origin, the following 5 uniform nationwide operation number (bbn), the next 5 numbers identify the individual item number of the manufacturer and the last digit is a check digit.

Edge crush resistance
Term used for testing packaging. Resistance strength of the material used against an external load.

Electronic Data Interchange. Electronic transmission medium for data exchange.


Extra colours
When printing logos and lettering in exacting and defined colours, mainly for precise visually appealing reproduction for items of fashion, jewellery, cosmetics and food colour hues, special colours are required. These colours are usually called Pantone or HKS and can increase the final price slightly.

Promotion item, designed to gain attention.


Front view of a package or display, term used to specify how many rows of products are displayed next to each other (of 1, 2’s, 3-Facing etc.) on the shelf of the outlet.

Classification code for cardboard boxes and packaging with an international validity.

Fill level
Information about the maximum height of the product to be packaged.

Please refer to print films.

Flexo printing
Printing system based on water, which is used for solid fibre board and cardboard.

Folding box
Packaging, which is usually made from one single piece. The longitudinal seam can be glued ormstapled. It is possible to have a design on the entire box as the insertion elements form the basemand lid. The box is delivered flat and must bemerected prior to use. It is suitable for lighter (bonded longitudinal seam) and heavier (stapledmlongitudinal seam) content.

Fold over blanks
Packaging, which is characterised by particularly strong side walls, thus providing high stability and great product protection. Fold over blanks have double-sided walls that are turned inside out. The goods will be filled from above and presented. They are particularly suitable for smaller runs.

Front face
Side walls of a packaging, formed by width and the heigth.

Please refer to DIN-format or print formats.

Antifungal agent


Glue (to), glued
Used to connect packaging components. Please refer to closing types.

Goods chute
The goods are sold as bulk to consumers to “help themselves”.

Special unit for the basis weight of paper and cardboard. The calculated value is expressed in g / m².

Gravure printing
Printing process in which the printing elements have etched or engraved recesses.

Processing, where the hemmed edges of the packaging are pressed. This can be done with rotating dies or fixed scoring lines.

Gross Rack Metre Utilisation
Comparison of purchasing and sales price of a product compared to competitors products in order to determine the ideal shelf placement.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System – Verification of compliance with specific hygiene requirements – especially in the area of food production and the supply industry.

Handle die-cuts
In packaging, usually on two opposite sides, diecut or completely stamped recess adapted to a hand shape for easy handling of the filled packaging.

High-quality Flexo direct printing
High-quality Flexo printing, which is applied to the manufactured solidfibre and corrugated cardboard in contrast to Flexo-preprint. With high-quality Flexo printing even difficult subjects in raster and stroke can be realised.

HKS is an abbreviation for the print range of colours. HKS colour fans are for uncoated paper (HKS N), newsprint paper (HKS Z) and coated, glossy or matte paper (HKS K), each with 84 colours.

Horizontal flute
Course of flute direction is parallel to the longitudinal side of a corrugated box. Corrugated boxes normally have a vertical flute.

The so called hot-melt adhesive is a thermoplastic mixes of backbone polymers (plastics), resins, micro-crystalline waxes, paraffin as well as antioxidants and fillers.


Insertion tab
Tab, usually used for fastening boxes. Fastening process by friction when tab is inserted.

ISO-modul size
Logistical measure for optimal utilisation of racking and pallet space in retail (secondary placement).

ISO 9001
Standard of quality management and quality assurance of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


Just-in-Time. Integrated approach in production related area. This means that the right material is delivered at the right time in the right quantity and quality at the right site. Machining processes and processing steps can be scheduled more effectively. The materials are supplied directly to the manufacturing process without time–consuming checks and costly storage. JIT also relates strongly to logistics and aims to deliver the material at the latest possible moment, but in time with demand and procurement of materials, semi-finished products or finished products. The aim is to reduce inventories and thus storage costs without compromising delivery performance.

Joint-Photographic-Experts-Group. Abbreviation for a well-known standard for digital image compression.


Kraft liner
Liners made from cellulose sulphate, with thevaddition of no more than 20% other fibres. Kraft liners have excellent strength properties.


Laminated corrugated board
Corrugated cardboard, which is upgraded visually and qualitatively by coating it with another material (film, paper, cardboard, etc.). This is necessary if corrugated cardboard is used as advertising medium, as when printing on corrugated board directly may show produce a wavy print image. Different strengths, different flutes and liners are the reason for this. Laminating the cardboard or paper will inhibit the appearance of the waves on the printed images.

Graphic arrangement of text and images.

Lock-end carton
Carton with special locking mechanism for the base. A separate bonding of the base is no longer necessary. It is especially suitable for the transport of heavy goods. The simple installation and handling minimises the packing time. Known example of lock-end box is the removal box.

Longitudinal side
Side wall of packaging formed by length and height.


Sales letters with/without samples for defined target group.

When specifying cardboard box dimensions we state useable inside dimensions x width x height.

According to K. Birkigt, merchandising is a type of sales promotion. The task is to present goods in to the consumers and to place them to draw attention. Merchandising is usually carried out by a manufacturer of branded goods or company representative.

Imitation of products which are already on the market.

Multi Colour Printing
A multi-colour image usually consists of four basic colours namely black, cyan (blue), magenta (red) and yellow (yellow). We often receive requests from our customers to add so-called “Corporate” colours. Real special colours do increase the lustre – but also the cost.


No term available


Offset cardboard box
Technical term for folding box made of solid board or foldable cardboard, which has been printed on in offset.

Offset Print
Indirect print method, where printing form and product do not come into direct contact. The colour transfer is performed using an offset blanket.

Openings in packaging, such as handles, slots etc

Single branch of a larger group.

Permanent outsourcing of certain functions or departments to third parties (eg. logistical tasks, display assembling).


Packaging with inserts
All above types of packaging are specially designed with an attached or separate insert. It allows a more accurate fixation of the product and thus provides better protection of the product. The insert is usually made of sturdy solid or corrugated cardboard and executed separately. A well-known example for packaging with insert are wine boxes.

Pantone is an international colour system that consists of 14 basic colours and contains special colours that can not be achieved in conventional four-colour printing. These colours are assigned unique numbers, so that they can be communicated globally and not dependent on individual colour perception.

Paper flap
An attached corrugated cardboard strip (overlap, either scored or perforated) for connecting two edges with metal staples.

Processing process, in which the corrugated board is scored with an interrupted line to create an exact folding edge. Very close perforations provide the tear-off

PPicture Element. Smallest unit of image data.

Pantone Matching System. Certain colours are identified by this system.

Point-of-Sale. Actual location of sale in retail. Can also be used for the purposes of purchasing decision.

Graphics data standard. It contains fonts and allows the import of EBV-systems.

„The element of promotion, which deals with signs and displays at, on or near the point at which a product or service is being advertised and available for purchase. It serves four purposes: inform, remind, persuade, sell „(by: Stump and Kawula, 1985).

Presentation boxes and packaging
Folded boxes or cardboard packaging – usually presented with inserts to stabilise goods particularly for advertising.

Presentation packaging
Presentation packaging is a folding carton or corrugated cardboard box with inserts for the stabilisation of goods. They are similar in design to shipping packages, but are characterised by higher-quality offset printing. An additional refinement of the package can be made by lamination, foil stamping, blind embossing, spot varnish, scented coating or metallic colours. Furthermore, presentation packaging has a viewing window. Upon customer request foil can be patched into the window.

A method of applying text and images on packaging.

Print films
Films that have to meet specific requirements depending on the printing process to ensure flawless printing. Offset films can be named as an example.

Print formats (offset-print, Machine type manroland 900-6)
The formats 3b (720×1020), 5 (900 x 1280), 6 (1020×1420) and 7b (1200×1600) are commonly used.

Printing plate
Printing plate used in offset, the base is aluminum.

English for Sales Promotion.


Quark Xpress
Layout programm


Raster grid
Technical resolution of an image into dots that can be printed. It is measured in dots per inch.

Raster width
Measure of the number of (raster) lines per cm – 60 raster has 60 grid lines per cm (60L / cm).

Recycling of raw materials that have already been used, sorted depending on their material, chemical or thermal reprocessing.

Changing products with certain properties that are already on the market in order to make them interesting again or continue to make them interesting.

Reusable packaging
Packaging, which can be used repeatedly as transport and storage containers.


Sales and shipping unit
Display that has a two-fold benefit and can be used as a goods medium as well as outer packaging for transport.

Sales packaging
Attractive retail packaging giving customers information about the product, therefore promoting sales. It is visually attractive thus often causing the purchase decision. In addition, the sales package takes on the logistical tasks. It serves as transport medium for the goods to the market, where it serves as a merchandise display on the shelf or in the refrigerated section.

Sales Promotion
Part of the marketing mix to promote the sale of goods and services with the help of displays, promotions and offers.

Specimen, sample.

Term for paper that has been made of mixed and graded paper waste.

Process where the solid board is cut up to the lowest box surface.

Screen printing
Screen printing is a direct printing process. The print form is a template in the form of a very fine meshed sieve, which is made of metal or plastic.

Rough sketch.

Secondary placement
Also called promotional placement, as the placement of items takes place at a second control point. Interesting displays should attract attention and increase the sale of the product.

Additional components of grey or corrugated board that create compartments when interlocked.

Service packaging
Single use packaging used in the areas of fast food chains, bakeries and festivities.

Set-up boxes
From one-piece and pre-glued carton, 4-point and 6-point design, denote the number of splices. The collapsible box is either supplied in one piece with attached lid or in two parts with separate lid. The bonding is performed so that flat delivery is possible. After folding and setting up the walls of the packaging is ready for use. The advantage of this type of packaging is the simple filling from above as well as the visibility of the product.

Sheet optimisation
Summary (sheet layout) of packaging blanks for optimal utilisation of print sheet.

Shelf insert
Open folding boxes, highlighting the goods on the shelves at the P.o.S.

Shipping boxes made of corrugated board
Shipping boxes made of corrugated board are available in single or double-layer design. They are particularly suitable for heavy content and offer good protection against impact.

Shipping boxes of solid fibre board
Shipping boxes of solid fibre board are suited for lighter and heavier content. They are characterised by precision fit that allows the products not to slip in the package. They are often used as the outer layer of packaging for several individual packaging elements.

Single faced corrugated board
Consists of a single layer corrugated board, bonded onto paper or cardboard.

Single wall corrugated board
Single layer of corrugated board, that has been bonded onto paper or cardboard.

Slip-resistant varnish
Material for coating cardboard and corrugated boxes to increase their static and dynamic friction.

Solid fibre board
Packaging made of solid cardboard are suited for lighter and heavier content. Solid board provides a precise fit and thus helps to protect the products.

Prototype of a display, which is produced manually or by means of CAD-CAM systems. Often referred to as white or blank specimen.

Negative or positive highlighting of surface by means of die stamps.

Connecting box walls or parts of packages using metal staples.

Surface weight
Weight of paper, grey board or cardboard in g/m².


Connecting box walls or parts of packaging by using tape.

Telescope boxes
Packaging of grey or corrugated board consisting of top and bottom. The top will be put onto the base when closing the box.

Test liner
Multi-ply paper with guaranteed strength values used, for example, as liners in the manufacture of corrugated.

Tagged-Image-File-Format. Format used to exchange image data.

Trade involves the transfer of the ownership of goods or services from one person or entity to another in exchange for other goods or services or for money.

Trade marketing
Trade marketing is a discipline of marketing that relates to increasing the demand at wholesaler, retailer, or distributor level rather than at the consumer level.

Trading down
Trend towards low-price products (trade marks).

Trading up
Trend towards high-value products (brand products).

Treatment comparison
Comparision of activities where various influential factors were varied.

Triple wall board
Corrugated board consists of three flutes, two plies and two intermediate plies.


No term available


Vending machine blanks
Packaging blanks, specifically made for mechanically packaging. They will be delivered flat and mechanically righted and bonded. Vending machine blanks are specifically suitable for high-volume production.


Window patching
Mechanical bonding of transparent windows into pre-punched shape. Goods can be inspected without having to open the box.

Cooperation for the benefit of all parties.

Advertising allowance (WKZ in German).

Organisation of the process steps from design to completion.

Packaging that is placed around the product and sealed automatically.


No term available


Yellow. Color of CYMK


No term available


3b-, 5-, 6- und 7b-format
Size to the formats in the printing and die-cutting area (720 × 1020, 900 × 1280, 1020 × 1420 1200 × 1600 mm).