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We have made it our mission to shape the future of our children and young people. With the joint support from coaches, supervisors and parents we want to offer the best sports programme, combined with positive social and character building features. Within this framework one consideration has to be taken into account – it surely makes sense to think across club level. Sports clubs primarily have a social value and everybody should aim to help each other and not to be regarded as competitors – except on the field, track or any other sports environment. We all expect a difficult future to recruit for our clubs.

Article from 09.04.2013 in the „Active“ business newspaper

Why twelve companies jointly promote young footballers

Versmold. Apprentices are hard to come by: „Many companies have realised that we as heading into a difficult future,“ says Stephan Potthoff-Wenner, head of the solid board processing plant Friedrich Wenner. „But how can we approach young people – informing them what we do in everyday business?“

The entrepreneur from Versmold, near Münster, has found an unusual answer to this question: close cooperation with a sports club. Twelve companies from different sectors promote the „Youth-Training Concept“ of the SC Peckeloh (1,200 members). And it’s about more than money and banner advertising.

First, the young athletes will also learn „useful skills for working life,“ says Potthoff-Wenner, who is the honorary chairman of this club. The training plan includes lessons on etiquette or diet! „We aim to teach social and fair conduct something we agreed of course with the parents.”

Secondly, the youngsters are brought closer to the local economy through the association, such as visits and traineeships. Several football teams recently received an invitation to visit the company Wenner and the production of cardboard boxes. The tour was conducted by Cüneyt Üstün (31), who himself started in the company through this scheme: Patiently he presented each machine and the products that are manufactured by 60 employees for the food industry.

„We want to create a positive image about the company for the young people,“ stated Potthoff-Wenner explaining the long-term goal of the concept. Sometimes things happen quite quickly: „A week after the tour a young man forwarded an application for an internship with us.“

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