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Our environmental promise

Let us surprise you!
We focus on ecology and sustainability, because our environment is important to us!


On this page we offer a brief overview of the environmental projects that we have realized in recent years. We continuously invest in progress . We dispose of the most modern printing facilities, where we operate low-migration and are able to produce solid fibre board boxes in large print format with 6 colours + varnish.

Take advantage of our creativity – our creative ideas regarding our variety of boxes for food will certainly assist you! You can save precious material and still increase stability in production process. We would be delighted to forward an offer for printing inquiries with special environmental and food-friendly/compatible colours – our extensive knowledge about migration of colour content, environmental compatibility, reducing CO2 or material resources, labelling that is low in harmful substances, and much more will support you in your decision.

  • Sustainability and Responsibility

    • Inventory and necessary measurement
    • Create an action-concept
    • Evaluation of the measures (cost, schedule, interfaces, payback periods)
    • Creation of the financing strategy
    • Project implementation
  • Waste Management and Recycling

    Date of realisation:
    October 1997 until today

    Investment: 500.000 EUR

    The majority of the waste at Wenner consists of cardboard and paper. Waste paper is collected separately from other waste and sent to recycling. Where possible, we try to economise all resources in order to avoid the generation of waste..

  • Energy efficiency optimisation

    Date of realisation:
    April 2010 to March 2012

    Investment: 1.8 million EUR

    • 30% less CO2-emissions 350 tonnes of CO2 per annum
    • Use of wasted heat by installing buffers
      in connection with a Zortström-system (temperature distribution system)
    • CHP (cogeneration)
    • Emergency generator to cap the current peak
    • Lighting optimisation
    • Renewal of the compressor system with heat recovery
    • Groundwater heat pump for heating and cooling
    • Saving energy consumption min. 25%
      approx. 600,000 kWh of gas and electricity per annum
  • Photovoltaics – Solar Energy

    • 30% of own electricity by photovoltaic
    • 2,659 solar modules with a total capacity of 590.7 kWp
    • Each year, 570,000 kWh of electrical energy (annual consumption of more than 165 average house holds)
    • 320,000 kg CO2 savings per annum
  • Cooling by heat pump and heat recovery

    Cooling and heating of production halls and
    administrative offices is controlled by
    groundwater and waste heat recovery.
    By switching the heating system around
    300,000 kilowatt hours of oil/natural gas
    can be saved per year. This corresponds
    to a CO2 reduction of about 60,000 kg
    per year solely by the hot water