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About us

Our commitment to quality awareness
All of our employees hold the highest quality standards when it comes to the production of cardboard boxes for food. The products of our customer have absolute priority as this guarantees the very best packaging concepts. Our packaging solutions are only made from high quality raw materials. We, at Wenner, are innovative specialist for cardboard boxes for food, and to date are one of the leading manufacturers of boxes for food made of solid fibreboard. Not only we provide packaging solutions in the field of solid fibreboard but also of corrugated cardboard. We recognised the benefits of folding boxes years ago: space-saving, environmentally friendly, lightweight yet stable. Production is based exclusively in Germany. Our clients are national and international companies in the food industry. Consequently, consultancy service and packaging design must consider specific characteristics and consumer habits of respective national markets. Proximity to customers is a key element in our distribution policy. From the development of our modern CAD and digital printing facility to producing technical prototypes, the actual production processes (offset printing, die-cutting, gluing, window gluing), are characterised by a high level of technical and organisational competence. We, at Friedrich Wenner Ltd, manufacture according to DIN-ISO 9001. Modern EDI-systems for all common formats are available to exchange information with our customers.
Whatever you as a producer of food require to package whether it is food packaging for meat and sausages, poultry, free-range as well as take away packaging etc. – please feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you, advise you and provide you with an offer for the die-cut packaging.

Our environmental considerations justify our actions
We are aware of our responsibility. In production, we have been exclusively using environmentally friendly materials – from packaging raw materials to ecological and alcohol-free printing inks. We use low-migration inks for cardboard boxes utilised for food. With regard to our energy needs, we make large savings in CO2 levels as we produce almost 30% of our plant’s energy requirements by means of a solar system. The use of our own fleet of trucks enables us to create a complete recycling loop. First we collect our raw material from our partner, we then transport the finished product to the customer and ultimately return our paper and waste from the die cutting process to our partner who recycles the above and in turn produces new raw material for our production. It is a fact that our customers who purchase products from the Wenner range benefit from our environmental awareness, which in turn means that you are making an active contribution to the preservation of our environment.